Ear Infection Supports

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Ear infections are an all-too common part of childhood and parenting. When they become chronic and difficult to treat it is not only painful and uncomfortable for the child, but agonizing for the parents as well. This is the blog version of the long conversation I’d love to have with you in person regarding various supportive remedies, treatments and techniques to help clear your child’s ears.

Please note that this information is in no way to be used as a substitute for medical advice and I can in no way diagnose, treat, or prescribe. If your physician has placed a child on antibiotics for an ear infection, be sure to always finish the round of antibiotics as directed. (See minutes 26:00-32:00 of this video for a visual demonstration of antibiotic resistance.)

The following list includes supportive supplements and techniques used to help speed recovery from ear infections.

Homeopathic remedies
Information on homeopathy here:
National Center for Homeopathy article, “What is Homeopathy?”
Homeopathy Center of Houston on using homeopathy for ear infections

Lymphatic massage
Video of Pediatrician Demonstrating Massage Technique

Links to herbal immune support products
Herb Pharm Kids’ Ear Oil

Gaia elderberry syrup
Wish Garden Kick-It Immune Support for Kids

Relevant Scientific Studies
Cow’s Milk Allergy Study Dairy and Ear Infections
Garlic Ear Oil for Ear Pain (A double blind trial that used an herbal infused oil comparing it to amoxicillin. A similar oil is linked here.)